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Jonah Coyote Design, founded in 2004, is operated as a Sole Proprietorship under Jonah Coyote West. This document has been written in order to clarify the obligations and expectations between company and client so that a mutually beneficial business relationship can be conducted in an atmosphere of professionalism and as a means to protect the interests of both parties involved.

Package Details

“The Startup” website package if offered by Jonah Coyote Design and includes the following components:

  1. Your choice from one of 3 WordPress website templates selected by Jonah Coyote Design.
  2. 12 hours development time which includes setup, installation, configuration, implementation of design elements, performance optimization, connection to analytics, basic SEO (optimized page titles and page meta descriptions), and other development as needed or requested and allowed for within the 12 hour development time frame.
  3. 12 hours design/creative direction which may include a basic logo design (that means 1 concept, no revisions), customizing your template, or assisting you with home page copy.
  4. 1 year cloud web hosting provided by Jonah Coyote Design (subsequent years will be billed @ $120/yr.).
  5. 1 year domain registration (if you don’t already have a domain – subsequent years will be billed @ $10/yr. for one domain).
  6. 2 hours of support (email/phone), follow up questions, bug fixes or whatever else you need help with.
  7. Content entry/migration (as time permits and at the discretion of Jonah Coyote Design).

* Additional development & design work will be billed @ $100/hr.


“The Startup” website package project will begin after you have made payment and completed my [online website questionnaire LINK] so I can get information about your project. After that Jonah Coyote Design will attempt to contact you within 1-2 business days of payment to schedule a time to discuss the project further to establish start/end dates to complete your website. It is your responsibility to choose a week that will be most appropriate to you to be able to get content ready and be available to discuss and work on the project. We operate on a Wed. – Wed. release cycle to give you time over the weekend to be able to work on things. Any delays in getting content ready or not being available during the scheduled time for the project are your responsibility, and Jonah Coyote Design reserves the right to reschedule the project start/end dates at any time if such delays occur.

Working Relationship

Any services performed or rendered by Jonah Coyote Design do not constitute a “work for hire” agreement. Jonah Coyote Design shall remain an independent contractor during any and all projects unless agreed upon contractually with the client.


“The Startup” website package currently costs $2000.00 USD, and immediate payment in full is required to begin work on the project. As explained on the product page, I will contact you within 1-2 business days to schedule a time to converse about the project with myself and my chosen designer. This will initiate the process to begin work but does not guarantee a start date or completion date for the project. If you have specific dates that you require the project done by, please indicate this to me by contacting me first and negotiating those dates. If I am unable to start or complete your project during the timeframe you desire, I will refund your money in full no questions asked. Once a start and completion date has been established though, you are not eligible for a refund unless I deem it appropriate.

Payment is preferred via my website and can be done completely secure, but if you wish to pay by check that is acceptable, just please let me know this is what you want to do.

All payments made by check or money order must be made to the order of Jonah Coyote Design. Other forms of payment may be accepted and can be negotiated to be decided upon by Jonah Coyote Design.

Other Terms

In addition to the above package terms, you are also required to read and agree to the following terms:

General Terms of Service

Web Hosting Terms of Service

Acceptable Use Policy


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