Hello, I’m Jonah and I am a web designer. I specialize in WordPress based web design but I can really do it all. Primarily I’m a front end coder, so I excel at taking a design or mockup and transforming it into a website using skills like PHP, jQuery, MySQL and CSS. I’ve been designing and coding websites for over 8 years and am constantly scouring the aether for the latest techniques and trends in web design, staying up to date as much as possible.

I’ve officially been in business since 2007 when I decided I wanted to be my own boss and made it happen.


It all started when I was a Tech Support rep. for AT&T dial-up internet in early 2000. Yeah, you know, when people connected to the web through their phone jacks and the sound that emanated was a mix between a screeching banshee and a robot. Well those days are long gone (sort of) and after starting my computer career as a customer service rep.; I knew I was hooked on computers and the internet.

My passion to tinker and learn new things has envolved and taken me levels beyond where I was even a year ago and as I continue to build websites I learn more and more.

More About Me

I was born and raised in Madison, WI and I now reside in Boulder, CO. I love the outdoors and activities like running, hiking, biking, surfing and skiing among other things. I’m also into competitive sports such as baseball, football and basketball. I enjoy reading – especially fantasy and sci-fi novels, but I’m into spirituality/metaphysical/self help books too. In the last couple years I’ve become very interested in meditation and practicing getting more in touch with myself as well as yoga to help with all the computer related tension I get from working all the time. I’m really into music from a listening perspective as well as a hands on perspective and have been toying with guitar since about 2004. I love to eat and thus I love to cook; typically preparing elaborate combinations of tasty morsels and other culinary goodness.


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