Why Use WordPress

It’s no wonder there’s close to 65 million websites and big names like TED, CNN, TechCrunch and UPS using it – put simply, WordPress is an amazing Content Management System and it is extremely powerful and flexible.

Long gone are the days of WordPress being a blogging platform – that’s so 2008. Today WordPress can be used as a platform for any website for a secure, powerful and flexible framework. Here are some highlights:

User Friendly

The administration area of WordPress is intuitive and a pleasure to use. Need to add a blog post and assign it to a category and tag it? No problem. Need to add a page with images and put that page into your main navigation in a drop down menu. Butter. Managing and maintaining your website has never been so easy.

Open Source

WordPress is Open Source software which means it is free to use on personal, and/or commercial projects without costing anything. Why would you want to pay a company a yearly license fee for another CMS that does the same job as WordPress with a difficult user interface?

SEO Friendly

WordPress is SEO friendly out of the box and with a little extra configuration and tweaking it can be even more search engine friendly.


There are thousands of plugins for WordPress that will allow you to add complex functionality to your site very easily.


With frequent patches and updates (that are also free), WordPress is kept secure against the throngs of hackers and spammers out there.

It’s Awesome

It really is just awesome.


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