E-Commerce With WordPress

E-Commerce used to be so hard but not anymore. Using WordPress and the fantastic Shopp plugin you can sell and manage your products, customers and orders with ease.

Manage Products

Add the simple things like product title, product description, summary, product images and price as well as more complex data like custom details & specs, product options (ex. size & color) with pricing/shipping options for each option and the ability to manage inventory for those options.

Run Sales & Promotions

Run sales for certain times of the year, limiting how long the promotion runs, set conditions for when the promotion should be applied (for only certain products or customer types), and even use promo codes that you can send to your customers!

Manage Orders

View detailed order information, send shipment notices, add order notes and print your orders all from the same administration area in WordPress.

Manage Customers

View all your customers information placed for each order. View orders they placed, edit their shipping or billing address and change their password.

Payment Methods

Setup the basic third party payment methods like PayPal and Google Checkout or setup your own payment processor on your site for a more seamless checkout experience.

Shipping Methods

Setup flat rate shipping, shipping by weight, by order total or setup a real calculator through USPS, FedEx or UPS for super accurate shipping quotes!


Setup complex tax calculations based on region, state, specific postal codes, or local jurisdictions.


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