Custom Web Design

Flexible Content Panels

Need particular content added outside of the standard WordPress content editor? Sure you can do this in the WordPress content editor, but let’s admit, it’s a little clunky. How about instead setting up custom fields for things like a hero image at the top of the page, or the ability to manage a slideshow feature on a page.

Page Specific Sidebars

I’ll setup page specific sidebars for you so you can easily manage sidebar content on specific pages – want to have a signup form on your about page sidebar and then a related products list on your product pages? I can help you setup complex configurations like this.

Reusable Content Blocks

Let me work with you to determine what common blocks can be used throughout your website. Calls to action, signup forms, cross linking to related pages, displaying images, etc. I’ll help you set these elements up so that they can be reused over and over throughout your website where you need them – in sidebars, in the header, in the footer and more.

Relating & Connecting Data

Add data in one place – say a bunch of testimonials or image slides – and easily display that data all over the place – in sidebars, in your footer, in a slideshow on the home page and more. Say goodbye to having to add content multiple times in multiple places in a messy, disorganized way. Say hello to modularized content and a simple interface to connect things together.


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